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a.) Main seawater filter (as of: 02.12.2013)


The problem with metallic coated filters is very similar to the issue facing in-line strainers in seawater coolers (LT). Corrosion is not a problem as long as the coating remains intact, but unfortunately things are often different in practice. Cleaning the filter cage or pulling it out of the housing damages the surface of the coating slightly. The coating is then broken up further by the impact of the filtrate, and the metallic unprotected areas come into direct contact with the sea water! The rate of corrosion picks up speed and infiltrates the optically protected area, quickly leading to large-scale defects.

This is where we come in!!

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b.) Instrument ring (LT-cooler) (as of: 12.02.2014)

Always looking for the optimal solution

Normally the instrument rings on the seawater side are made of bronze; however,bronze is only moderately resistant to sea water. Over time they get so corroded, that they have to be replaced. It is extremely expensive to get spare parts for this component, and the cost of swapping it out is also considerable.

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