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Plastic Inline-Strainer-System


It's a common issue, you know it ? 
MSTX.Def.Filter Insert.LTCooler2
Corrosive and mechanical damage to metallic filter inserts (inline strainers)
Traditional pre-filters or inline strainers are nothing more than perforated stainless steel sheets, which are welded into a cylinder and have one or two sections depending on length requirements.
The restriction: Each strainer can only be used for one specific type of cooler.
Damaged strainers !
LP800DN500 03 klein
Other disadvantages: Depending on the model, long lead times, costly procurement, short shelf life due to lack of resistance to sea water corrosion.
The lack of flexibility can cause damage to the individual plates, as well as the metallic connection linings on the frame.
 Our solution -The new plastic seawater strainer-


Filter Bauteil A




 Filter kurz mit Blende Seitenansicht



IS-Service GmbH makes plastic strainers as an innovative alternative

The difference is crucial, because this material has a number of advantages over stainless steel:

  • resistant to corrosion: plastic strainer can be used anywhere
  • easy: easy installation and removal, easy to clean
  • flexible: individual segments can be replaced or added
  • versatile: Dependence is limited to the nominal diameter
  • individual: the owner adjusts the length on-site
  • long-lasting: the filters have long-term durability
  • cheap: fewer follow-up costs for users
  • safe: no damage to the cooler


The plastic IS strainer - efficient, durable & flexible -
Now with a 2 year warranty!!!


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