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Fencing - a sport for all the senses.

Reaction,concentration, stamina and decision-making.

We decided to focus our sponsorship on niche sports. We want to help with the daily training schedule and promote sporting excellence at national and international championships.
IMG 3955 kleinWe have been supporting the Fechten Weinheim (Weinheim Fencing) association and the foil fencing club TSG 1862 Weinheim e.V. The association has made it its mission to bridge the gap between the club's performance and its training.

Despite their success, because they are members of a minority sport, the club's children and young adults need help not only with purchasing and maintaining their equipment, but also with getting to different training and competition venues, as well as the regularly scheduled squad training sessions at national centres of excellence.

We make sure that the fencers can attend preparatory courses at home and abroad during the summer holidays, when they don't have any other training.

We are also committed to the essential task of continuously promoting the sport to young children who are interested in fencing and providing support for the club's top performers.

In September 2013, the German Fencing Association named the fencing division of TSG 1862 Weinheim 1862 a "DFB centre of excellence". This marked the launch of some comprehensive certification procedures on the part of the German Fencing Association. The Weinheim club came out as one of the best.

IMG 3972 kleinPlanning and putting the right structures in place have been the main focus in recent years in order to create the appropriate framework for the young athletes who are so passionate about this sport.

This framework has produced a grassroots movement and some outstanding fencers who have set themselves ambitious goals.

This has put Weinheim's fencers in various age classes in position to genuinely compete with large established fencing centres like Tauberbischofsheim or Bonn. 

Half of the German C squad in men's foil comes from the club. So it is no surprise that the young members of the Bergstrasse club have won countless state, national and international titles. 


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