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Less cost layer by layer: Benefit from the expertise of our partner BASF SE. IS-Service uses this partner to provide coatings for individual heat exchanger plates and other components in line with your specific requirements. This adds genuine value, because it is an effective means of preventing the corrosion of lower grade stainless steels in all cooling waters, as well as in sea water.

The minimal deposit formation and the resulting reduced need for cleaning (often possible in a closed system using CIP), are other advantages of the procedure which significantly improve the service life of individual processes. Non-stick coatings will help you to save money and reduce your CO2 emissions! Because of this, non-stick coatings are a useful way of optimizing processes that affect the environment, in line with the future holistic approach under ISO 14001. 

Summary: Timely coating increases the service life of components and the return on your investment.

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Ellehammer - Ejectors


Ejectors are assigned to the so-called motive media pumps. They represent a fluid-dynamic apparatus which is applied for delivering, mixing, dosing and also to generate a vacuum. Liquids or gases standing under pressure serve as motive media. Apart from liquids or gases, suction media can also be formed of fine or pulverous solids. ELLEHAMMER manufactures diverse constructional forms and their designations are derived from the media involved:

  • Liquid-Liquid Ejectors
  • Liquid-Gas Ejectors
  • Liquid-Solids Ejectors
  • Gas-Liquid Ejectors
  • Gas-Gas Ejectors
  • Gas-Solids Ejectors

According to the application case in question, a different designation other than used in the market can be utilised. For example, for liquid/liquid ejectors in shipbuilding one speaks of so-called bilge, ballast or stripping ejectors.

Or for liquid/gas ejectors, according  to function one speaks of liquid jet gas compressors,liquid jet vacuum pumps or also of liquid jet ventilators.

Important for all constructional forms of ejectors is that these do not possess any moving mechanical elements and therefore do not show corresponding signs of wear which would demand a continuous maintenance. This apparatus is practically maintenance-free.

The performance of this apparatus is influenced directly by the pressures prevailing at the connections and by the flow rates. It is, therefore, indispensable for an optimised performance
that an individual designing and manufacturing for the planned later application case is carried out.

Each application of standardised ejectors leads irrevocably to grave losses in performance and this is to be avoided at all cases.

Due to their individual manufacturing, ELLEHAMMER ejectors help to reduce consumption of operating power and therefore to minimise constructional sizes and pipeline cross-sections. The latter also includes further savings possibilities regarding the required pipeline fittings. Comprehensive information documents in the written form or as electronic data sets are  available. In case of a requirement, please do contact us directly.

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It's a common issue: In large gasketed plate heat exchangers (PHE) with a high number of plates, the individual plates which are clamped together frequently get displaced in the frame. This is exacerbated every time the plate heat exchanger opens and closes, and ultimately leads to leaks and mechanical damage to the individual plates.

This happens because the suspension area for each plate is occasionally too small. This area is used to guide and fix each plate in the area of the upper and lower support rod. Once this area is damaged, the displacements increase exponentially every time the plate stack closes! 

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Cleaning & Re-gasketing

On-site cleaning (mobile / stationary):

We can provide the appropriate CIP cleaning system for your needs, whether mobile or stationary, with tank sizes ranging from 15 to 2500 litres. The pumps can be operated with 230V/50Hz and 60Hz or 110V/60Hz, depending on requirements. We provide the appropriate cleaning chemicals for all mobile and stationary CIP systems as standard, including a product and application description and the appropriate safety data sheet (in all EU languages) for your system, e.g. gasketed plate heat exchanger. This ensures effective cleaning without damaging your material.

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Water Treatment

In cooperation with our partner EWKS Water Technology GmbH, we are able to provide you with appropriate water treatment and water purification for your entire system. EWKS also provides refrigeration systems and components such as cooling machines, cooling towers, system separation and temperature control devices, as well as laboratory analyses, system management, reports and training.

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Help tools

We are able to supply you with electric and pneumatic hydraulic systems for the assembly and dismantling of sealed plate heat exchangers, for example. The systems are supplied in a robust aluminium case. The basic equipment is suitable for use with M20 to M39 clamping screws. Special sizes are always available upon request. We can also supply you with electric or pneumatic power wrenches with a tangential gear attachment. The range is rounded off with standard ratchet wrenches.

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Spare Parts

  • Gaskets from all of the main manufacturers of gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • Spare plates and exchange packages upon request
  • Spare plates, gaskets and exchange plate packages for Alfa Laval / Nirex fresh water generators
  • Spare parts for Gea Westfalia separators
  • As well as compressors, pumps and separators
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers (e.g. SWEP / GEA (WTT) / Alfa Laval / Funke)
  • Individual procurement

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Service and work contracts

We carry out maintenance, repair, or cleaning work for gasketed plate heat exchangers, separators and fresh water generators.

Contract 2

We always perform an on-site inspection together with you before signing any agreements. This allows us to provide services that are tailored to your needs.
Servicebus klein
With us you will avoid unscheduled downtime, guarantee long-term operational safety on ships and in industrial plants, and receive support for system optimization, repair and installation services. 

And all at a fair price-performance ratio!

We are your reliable partner for quick and cost effective solutions.



Tailored Services ...

... for repairs, cleaning, cleaning systems or other services.

Contact us! We can find the right solution for your gasketed plate heat exchanger or other components!

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