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Ellehammer - Ejectors


Ejectors are assigned to the so-called motive media pumps. They represent a fluid-dynamic apparatus which is applied for delivering, mixing, dosing and also to generate a vacuum. Liquids or gases standing under pressure serve as motive media. Apart from liquids or gases, suction media can also be formed of fine or pulverous solids. ELLEHAMMER manufactures diverse constructional forms and their designations are derived from the media involved:

  • Liquid-Liquid Ejectors
  • Liquid-Gas Ejectors
  • Liquid-Solids Ejectors
  • Gas-Liquid Ejectors
  • Gas-Gas Ejectors
  • Gas-Solids Ejectors

According to the application case in question, a different designation other than used in the market can be utilised. For example, for liquid/liquid ejectors in shipbuilding one speaks of so-called bilge, ballast or stripping ejectors.

Or for liquid/gas ejectors, according  to function one speaks of liquid jet gas compressors,liquid jet vacuum pumps or also of liquid jet ventilators.

Important for all constructional forms of ejectors is that these do not possess any moving mechanical elements and therefore do not show corresponding signs of wear which would demand a continuous maintenance. This apparatus is practically maintenance-free.

The performance of this apparatus is influenced directly by the pressures prevailing at the connections and by the flow rates. It is, therefore, indispensable for an optimised performance
that an individual designing and manufacturing for the planned later application case is carried out.

Each application of standardised ejectors leads irrevocably to grave losses in performance and this is to be avoided at all cases.

Due to their individual manufacturing, ELLEHAMMER ejectors help to reduce consumption of operating power and therefore to minimise constructional sizes and pipeline cross-sections. The latter also includes further savings possibilities regarding the required pipeline fittings. Comprehensive information documents in the written form or as electronic data sets are  available. In case of a requirement, please do contact us directly.

Types of ejectors:

AuB Type

Parallel to the standard-types there will be manufactured special types of housings for specific applications. These ones are:

- Pumping of  gas   

BG type

StoV type     

½in stainless ejector No shadow

plastic ejector

Connecting Systems

ELLEHAMMER ejectors could be delivered in accordance to all well-known international flange-systems. For example:

  • DIN
  • EN
  • JIS
  • GOST
  • etc.

Special connections, including threaded connections, are possible. Please ask for your preferred solution.


Manufacturing Materials

By default ELLEHAMMER is manufacturing the ejector housings from following materials:

  • EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40)
  • CC480K (G-SnBZ)
  • CC333G (G-NiAl)
  • Div. stainless steels
  • Div. non-metals like PP, PE, PVDF, PVC, ect.

Nozzle systems will be manufactured from different basic materials. For seawater attacked nozzles ELLEHAMMER is using as its standard SS 329 or a higher graded ones, with a PREN ≥ 32.

Classification companies

For marine application Ellehammer is manufacturing in accordance to the rules of all know classification companies, mainly IACS organisation.


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